Indie vs. Major Labels – Which is Better?

Indie vs Major Labels Which is Better - Indie vs. Major Labels - Which is Better?

Knowing how to differentiate between the major labels and the indie ones are quite noticeable and easy to distinguish. Here’s everything you need to know about them to help you discern which one is better for you.

Major Labels

They are behind the most successful artists of all time and their power and influence are so great that they can offer multi-million-dollar contracts to their artists.

Indie Labels

Indie labels are those that have achieved success after years and years of hard work. They cannot offer multi-million dollar contracts but they adapt to new musical trends by opening up space for new artists in all genres, generally the non-commercial ones.

Also, many indie record labels are comprised of music producers and artists who do everything by themselves.

Indie vs Major Labels Which is Better recording studio - Indie vs. Major Labels - Which is Better?

Remarkable Differences

Every day, many independent artists build an impressive followers base and fame through their creative writing skills. It’s thanks to indie labels that artists can remain true to their style without having to modify anything to be played on the radio and reach the masses. Major labels have the majority of the artist’s business and legal responsibilities.

The Kind of Artist You Want to Be

If you want to become a famous artist, you can go with the major labels, as they will guide you to becoming that big star by changing your look depending on what the public likes. They will also take care of composing all your songs to sound as commercial as possible and be played on any radio station in the world.

If you are an artist with great ideas to write and produce songs, and you’re a true believer in your style, an indie label is definitely for you. They will allow you total freedom to let your imagination run wild and they will respect your style hoping that it will be something that true music lovers will like.

These two different types of music labels have their pros and cons, making them both great in their way, according to the artists signed under them. However, it all comes to what they want to make out of their raw talent.