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About Twisters Music

Twister’sMusic is proud to boast that we add new content multiple times EVERY DAY!! We focus on Indie Bands from all around the world as well as local Jacksonville, Florida) unsigned bands, Indie Music and more! Checkout for your daily dose of what’s happening in the music scene no matter where you are! If we don’t have it, tell us and we’ll find it, post it and keep YOU informed! TwistersMusic can be heard 24/7 in 100 different countries -Indie Bands. Local Music 24/7, Local Music Advertising and Sponsor Opportunities.

Twisters Featured Artists

We pick one band a week to show extra love to. To be a featured artist interact with us on Facebook and the site.
TwistersMusic Archived Featured Artists
  • Featured Band of the Week- Pink Velvet Krush

    Former latter generation Bulletboys, Britny Fox, Steelheart members have united with Vaudeville, Dust N’ Bones and Sacred Edge members to form the all new original rock band PINK VELVET KRUSH. With an impressive resume that includes; World tours, U.S. and European tours, The Vans Warped Tour, recording on Christina Aguilera’s remix of “Car Wash” fromContinue Reading

  • Featured Band of the Week- Lucks Lane

    Lucks Lane is a rock band made up from like-minded musicians. They have joined forces to collaborate on the songs of songwriter Pete Moore. All the members have brought their own original ideas and unique styles to the band. Steve Potter is the lead guitarist and is the creative genius behind the guitar solo’s andContinue Reading

  • Featured Band of the Week- Downside – on Twisters Music

    Downside is a highly energetic rock band blaring out of Atlanta, Georgia with aggressive vocals, thunderous drum beats, and an overall attacking sound. The band chemistry has been present for over a decade, but the stars began to align in 2011 when Downside performed on legendary stages throughout Atlanta such as the Tabernacle, Masquerade, 10Continue Reading

  • Featured Band of the Week- LIFT- Boom goes the Amplifiers!

    Formed in November of 2009, the genesis of ^LIFT^ centered around the drummer’s wife’s birthday party and an informal ‘jam session’ as a birthday gift. Not only a cover band as can be demonstrated by an all ‘Original’ 5-song demo released in May, 2013. Recorded right here in Atlantic Beach Fl. with Chris Flowers/Savage SunContinue Reading

  • Featured Band of the Week- Blind Side Thunder

    BlindSide Thunder is changing the game in the genre of heavy and hard rock music. Incarnated from the ashes of past classic rock, blues and metal, BST has created and established a patent on their unique style called “Rebel Rock”. Their creative hook driven songs that include heavy guitars and bombastic drums, creates stripper musicContinue Reading

  • Featured Band of the Week- The Worshyp

    Biography The Worshyp are a Heavy Metal band based out of Toronto, Canada. The bands founder Marz Nova named the band The Worshyp as a salute to how heavy metal fans love, and almost worship, their music as if it were a religion. The name has no ties to any real organized religion. In theContinue Reading

  • Featured Band of the Week- Dead End Heroes -

    Sometimes … it just works! Some bands are formed together through newspaper ads, others are the net result of a prolonged booze session at the local pub, yet the DEAD END HEROES were formed by accident. A good accident! Whilst the initial discussions began around a solo album of Swiss drummer Daniel Voegeli (ME &Continue Reading

  • Twisters Music Featured Artist of the Week- Eli

    What started way back in 1969 during the Summer of Woodstock, a group of young musicians from Tallahasse, FL. had a dream of becoming the best band in the nation. After forty years and nearly 70+ of some of the greatest players seen anywhere, ELI has continually ripped up stages across the nation with theirContinue Reading

  • Featured artist of the Week- Ed Harris

    This weeks featured artist is Ed Harris- Biography In my lifetime I have seen integrity based on a number in a checking account, romance determined on the amount of partners one has had, beauty measured by the ability to land a cover shoot in a popular magazine, loyalty replaced by the desire to impress “peopleContinue Reading


    Parking Cars And Pumping Gas by Podracer About “tightly-woven, brilliantly antagonistic alt-rock ” – BBC N. Ireland-Across The Line. Biography Angry, noisy, trashy, punchy and irreverent as they possibly could be, Irish three-piece Podracer take the post-punk sounds of the 80’s, the subpop sounds of the 90’s and different elements of rock, punk andContinue Reading

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