7 Best Web Hosting Services Music Networks Should Use

7 Best Web Hosting Services Music Networks Should Use - 7 Best Web Hosting Services Music Networks Should Use

A radio streaming station allows users to discover new artists, explore a variety of genres, or simply listen to old favourites. To stream live Internet radio, you need a web host that can provide enough bandwidth and stability to make a high-quality broadcast. To do this, you must take into consideration the size of your audience.

Shoutcast is a proprietary software platform that allows you to create your radio station and broadcast online. Below you can read a list of some of the top hosts for Shoutcast that offers a smooth, fast, and easy experience.


BlueHost gives you a wide choice of features and support for audio and video streaming. Its uptime performance technology will help you while you broadcast live.

You can be in control of your configuration and performance.

A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting is the only personalized hosting service that exists. Although its plans are not economical, it offers you a good caresystem, practical support, and expert management.


The VPS hosting plans offered by LiquidWeb offer powerful performance and a variety of security measures. It provides high-end managed solutions for a wide variety of systems and apps. Liquid Web will configure the server, keep it updated, and constantly review and monitor any security weaknesses.


With Interserver, basic configurations are very affordable. The service tutorials it offers will help you install everything yourself. If you are looking for a truly global audience, Interserver is one option to consider.

InMotion Hosting

This hosting is amazing. It keeps things personal, internal, and of the highest quality. There is no external support. Your attention with the experts at InMotion will be of high quality. All InMotion managed plans include two hours of launch support. Quality backups are possible.


Hostinger also provides an excellent cheap Shoutcast accommodation service. With Hostinger, you have to take care of setting up the server and updating it. The support staff offers a 24/7 live chat service.

Internet Vikings

Hosting from Internet Vikings offers a wide set of features. This includes high uptime and stability, attentive customer and technical service staff, high-end scalability performance, and even data bandwidth for long-lasting indie music playlists.

Choosing an appropriate plan for your needs will always depend on what you want to offer the public. Be sure to make a list of the pros and cons of the hosting servers that appeal to you, taking into consideration your budget. Remember that not all hosting options offer services suited to function all over the world.

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