About the Website

about twistersmusic - About the WebsiteAs a teenager, Sophia Baxter received a Pixies album from her best friend. From the first day she heard Trompe le Monde, she couldn’t stop listening to it. She was fascinated by those sounds and lyrics that knew how to complement those videos she saw on MTV.

Wanting to know more about this world, she started researching indie bands so she could discover more and more. Her love for indie music was so big, that Kim Deal inspired her completely clothing style and her room was full of posters of The Smiths, The Strokes, and Sonic Youth.

When she began her studies at the university, she met her future best friends, those who would later help her create Twisters Music. The number of music festivals that were held each year, allowed Sophia to meet new bands.

One day, she proposed to the university they allow her to have a one-hour space on the radio to inform about and make known the indie music to all indie music lovers out there.

The University was delighted with the idea. Sophie quickly began to create a fan base that sent her weekly letters thanking her for introducing this particular style of music to them, as it is the perfect sound for young adults.

When she finished university, the radio cycle ended, and she thought it was a good idea to take that radio station to another platform. That’s how Twisters Music was born. It became an online space where she brings not only the most recent indie music releases but also where people can contact us to share their opinions, comments, and reviews.

Along with this informative proposal now on the internet, Twisters Music also offers music networks and radio streaming services to share among its lifelong and new fans. The love for music inspires us, and this same love was what led our creator to launch Twisters Music.

Thousands of people from all over the world visit the site, proving that many around the world share Sophie’s love for indie music. Music moves us and doesn’t know about boundaries.

It inspires us all without distinguishing race, sex, religion, or ethnicity. That’s why this site is created with love for everyone who visits it from anywhere in the world.