In 2008, the band Overflow had decided to disband. Three of it’s founding members – Brian Winkleman, Barry Bergoffen and Steve Braml- decided to continue playing together under a new banner with a new singer. 
In Dec of 2008, they auditioned an unknown local vocalist named Rob Thompson. All parties involved were impressed with each other’s musicianship and the original lineup of TORQUE was born. Torque made their debut at Mac’s The Club in early 2009. Over time, the new mixture of personel changed the overall sound of the band. As new material was written and new covers were chosen, the band found a new identity. Overflow’s poetic lyrics and soothing melodies were traded in for darker, aggressive lyrics & vocals and a more groove oriented, percussive attack. We had 2 goals – 1) to make the best music we possibly can and- 2) have as much fun as we can. 
Torque’s lineup stayed the same from Dec 2008 until January 2013 when Barry Bergoffen, Torque’s long time Bass player, informed the rest of the band that he was leaving. We wished Barry the best of luck in his future his endeavors and decided to keep Torque moving forward.
In February of 2013, Torque began auditioning Bass players with certain qualities in mind. We wanted someone who had great chemistry, great chops and the ability to contribute to songwriting. Jeff Atkinson was chosen, and Torque never skipped a beat. TORQUE is :

Brian Winkleman – Lead Guitar, Vocals
Steve Braml – Drums, Percussion, Vocals
Jeff Atkinson – Bass Guitar, Vocals
Rob Thompson – Vocals, Guitar, Percussion

We are NOT rock stars. No makeup. No hair spray. No gimmick. No bullshit. Just music.

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